Learn Champagne Etiquettes|Champagne Sabre

Indeed, anyone could not resist the sweetness taste of champagne especially when it is served cold. Yet, it does not necessarily mean that you are going literally snatch your champagne flute off the table and run crazy towards the champagne. Rediculously as sounds, this is what exactly a champagne enthusiast runs into the back of his/her mind whenever he or she heard the love whisper of the bottle. Yet, they remain calm and they try to keep casual as much as possible. Why so? Because they know how to apply champagne etiquettes.

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15 Facts about Champagne

Indeed, a celebration would not be the same without champagne. Such beverage signifies victories, good living, and elegance. Pouring champagne to your flute makes you feel so good about life. When you think about it, it is not a kind of beverage that you need to drink when you are depressed. The drink is only suitable for triumphs and the only beverage that you can drink even in the morning. Below are 15 fun facts about champagne:

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Celebrity Controversy

Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe took a bath using several bottles of champagne in her tub. According to her biographer, she used over than 300 bottles of expensive champagnes for her skin.

By Accident


There are some claims that the wine was discovered accidentally. Back then on a cold winter weather from the Champagne region of France, there was a monk that kept several bottles of wines. At spring time, the yeast started fermenting few bottle have been exploded because of the chemical reaction.

James Bond

There are 35 scenes where the famous agent from England drinks champagne. He drinks it more rather than any beverages.

Expensive Wine

The most expensive wine is called as the shipwrecked champagne. It was discovered back in 2010 which are considered as the oldest champagne ever discovered. Because of the perfect temperature at the bottom of the sea, the quality was preserved. One bottle is about $250,000 dollars.

Compared To Beer

The champagne has 3 times gas compared to American beer.


sabering champagne

There are two different ways on how to uncork the bottle of champagne. One is by using the corkscrew and the other is sabrage or champagne sabering.

The Hussars

Speaking of sabrage, the art was introduced by the hussars. Hussars are known as the cavalrymen of the great Napoleon Bonaparte. Since these men have not time to bring corkscrew during the great battle, they use their sabers and this is where the champagne sabering was born.


Plenty of sporting events uses champagne as a sign of victories. The F1 race is one of the most common sporting events that uses champagne whenever the winners are presented at the podium.


bubbles in champagne

Whenever you pop up a bottle of champagne, there are over than 49 million of bubbles created.


Aside from celebration, the wine can be used for Christening. You no longer need to call a priest.

Launched A Thousand Ships

Champagne is literally launched a thousand of ships as Christening. Today, there are still ships are Christen by the admiral of the fleet using champagne.

Sweet Whisper

Whenever someone uncorks a bottle of champagne, the sound of the air that comes out from the bottle is called sweet whisper.

Champagne Rights

Champaign would be called as champagne if it was produced and processed from the champagne region. In case that the champagne is not made from this region, it is called as bubbly wine.


Back in 19th century, the best way to polish someone’s booth is by using champagne.


It is the only liquor that has health benefits.

How to Choose a Champagne Sabre?

You’re probably sitting there, wondering: what is a champagne sabre? What is it for? Well, thousands of years ago, during the 19th Century, champagne sabres were used during ceremonial occasions. Also known as the champagne sword, these tools were used during sabrage which added sophistication and flair to various occasions. Sabering champagne, or the art of opening champagne bottles with a champagne sabre was an art in itself, and it’s something that people looked forward to. It’s part of tradition, and it made these occasions even more meaningful. It has so much history in it that people still opt to use it when celebrating special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries despite the various wine bottle openers that are available in the market these days.

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Efficient Champagne Sabrage Tips


The concept of champagne sabrage is classy and exciting. Yet at the same time, many people worry about not being able to do it right. They worry about how long it is going to take them to complete it with all eyes on them. One of the best tips is to practice sabering champagne on your own or with just one or two people around you. They should be supportive and encouraging and that is going to help you build your self-confidence.

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Quick & Easy Steps of Champagne Sabering

So, you want a unique wedding reception and you are anxious about it because of the fact that you really don’t know how to execute sabrage or champagne sabering. If you want to impress your soon to be wife together with your guests, well, executing this kind of art is not that kind hard and it is not as easy as it sounds as well. Below is a step by step guide to succeed in champagne sabering.

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Importance of Champagne Sabrage

Sabrage or champagne sabering is a technique of uncorking a champagne bottle using a saber or a sword. Commonly, performing such art can be seen in ceremonial occasions. The one who execute sabrage is called the wielder. The wielder will simply slides the saber along the body of the bottle and break the lip away which is ready to pour to champagne flutes. The technique is pretty much simple, it only requires a slight force hitting the lip of the bottle.

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Easy Steps to Execute Sabering Champagne Correctly

When sabering a bottle of champagne always remember that you have to use the right tool in order for you to execute the art well.  Kitchen knife or other long knives you can find at your very own kitchen won’t do the trick; in fact the execution might go wrong. Truly, it is a fun way to kick off a ceremony and impress your visitors before having a drink.

Champagne sabre

sabering champagne

Essentially, you need champagne sword or champagne sabre to execute sabrage nicely. Champagne sabre is especially design to cut the lip of the bottle with right amount of force and weight. It is a fine collection for many champagne and wine enthusiast whereas, this tool brings back you in the Napoleonic era. The blade itself is intended for sabering and it is not recommended to cut meat or thrusting. In fact, champagne sabre blade has no sharp edge. There are wide varieties of top  premium class champagne sword you can find over the web from the most outstanding champagne sword or champagne sabre manufacturing in the world.

Sabering Champagne

Now that you have the right tool, it is time for you to learn the basics of sabering champagne. First, different bottles have their own different thickness. You should always be aware that there are two different kinds of champagne and these are the non-vintage and the vintage ones. Of course, the vintage champagnes are way too costly compared with non-vintage You don’t want to cut those pricey bottle’s lips don’t you? Yes, even the vintage champagne bottles have their price value.

Temperature and angle

The trick of sabering is all about chemical reaction coming from the inside. With the right coldness of the bottle, the execution will be less difficult and it will only require you to use a bit of pressure when you strike. Make sure that the lip and the neck of the bottle are properly chilled but not ice cold. Remove the foil and the cage around the cork and hold the bottle for about 30-45 degrees. Make sure to point the bottle where no one will get hurt.


As you remove the foil of the bottle, you’ll find a centerline of the bottle or also called as seam. The seam is the weak spot of the bottle and this is where the trick gets trickier. This is where the two halves of the bottle join together. This is where you are going to slide your champagne sword to get rid of the bottle’s lip.

The slide

If you are anxious about performing sabrage for the first time, you can slide the sword slowly and gently to the lip. By this way, you can get the movement you will need before executing sabrage. As you get comfortable with the angle, quickly  slide the blade towards that lip of the bottle. Take note that you should hold the bottle firmly. With the right amount of force and chemical reaction, the lip together with the cork will go like a cannon ball.