Limited Edition Champagne Sabre by Viper

Viper Mathusalem Damascus Steel, the Mona Lisa and the Veil of Sabre Manufacturing has existed during biblical times particularly the name itself which is the capital city of Syria. This is characterized by a distinctive blade patterns by the process of banding and mottling reminiscent of flowing water. It is known to be the toughest blade ever made which is resistant to shattering during battle. In fact, according to many historians, it has its resilient edge, whereas even with strong force of impact, the blade sturdy and remains is sharpness.

Damascus blades


There are some authentic Damascus blades which were manufactured somewhere in the near east of India where the blades were imported. There are also a few founded from Sri Lanka. According to historians, the Arabs introduced the blade to Indian wootz steel to Damascus which were effective and irrefutable weapon from the third up to the 17th century.

The Undisputed

Until these days, this blade is unarguable, the undisputed saber ever made. The origin o the process how the blade was made is still unknown. In fact, there are modern attempts of Damascus blade replicas but somehow, because of the differences of materials sued, rediscovering the process is still unknown. There are many legends connected to this kind of blade. All in all, it is certain that the blade is made from the materials found in the table of elements.


Most of the modern blacksmiths believe that the blade produced closely enough to the welding technique that we all know today. Until these days, production is pretty much rare because of the process, materials used and the techniques to closely duplicate the original Damascus blade. Today, you can find the Viper Methusalem Damascus Steel not for thrusting but for champagne sabering. Call them crazy, but most of the champagne sabre enthusiast are willing to spend over than £600 just to have this rare product.


The Viper Methuselah Damascus Steel is made from Damascus steel and the handle is made from cocobolo wood. This one of a kind champagne sabre has also a beautiful pattern crafted from the small town of Maniago North East of Italy. If money is not an object, then you better get one for you since it is a limited edition with only 200 Damascus steel blade left from the market. Aside from the sabre, a high quality wooden box is also included.


Due to its toughness, the steel could not be engraved even with the use of laser technology. That’s how tough this blade is. But, it does not necessarily mean that it would spoil your personal touch, you can still do so to the wooden box. Oh, by the way, there are some researched based from the x-rays, whereas, they found materials like carbon nanotubes and cementite nanowires which are the result of the forging. This may put Thor’s hammer into shame.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab an authentic Methuselah Viper Damascus Steel Champagne sabre today  to be one of the few that keeps the king of the blade to their very own household as collection.


How Engraving adds Special Touch in Champagne Sabre?

Just like the saying, when gifting someone, it is not price but rather the thought that counts. There are pieces of stuff you can find from offline and online market today that are simple and affordable which can be priceless for someone. You can put your very own personal touch by engraving. It could be a simple message to your dad, the name of your significant other, an important date or number which is related for whosoever you gave. When expressing your deepest regards to your loved ones, a good way to do so is by getting it more personalised.

Champagne Sword / Sabre

For wine or champagne enthusiast, you can never go wrong with personalised sabre with engraving. It does not necessarily mean that you are going to buy the most expensive sabre you can find online. As mentioned, when gifting the thought is what matters most. When doing so, keep in mind three things. The champagne sabre or sword must be reliable, relatable and relevant. Reliable when it comes to sabering a champagne, relatable for anyone who loves champagne and when using this as gift, it must be relevant to the occasion.

Champagne Sabre Engraving

Champagne Sabre Engraving

Laguiole La Roque

Is probably the cheapest champagne sabre you can find on the market today. Though it is cheap, the quality from the craftmanship to the artistic factor can really make anyone and everyone be amazed about it. You have 40 maximum characters to be engraved to the blade with 2 text lines. This sabre is really brilliant and you can never go wrong with it. It can be delivered to you right next to your doorstep with 3-5 working days when you order now.

Berkel Corno di Bufalo

As the name implies, this magnificent sabre is authentically made from combination of steel and soft metal and its handle is made from buffalo horns. It has the maximum of 30 characters on 1 text line will be engraved at the blade. The engraving laser technology will take good care of the blade so you have nothing to worry about the quality of the font size, font style and the way how the texts were engraved. You also have the option of engraving the wooden display with the maximum of 3o characters in 30 text lines.

Fox Sciabola del Sommelier

Is a best seller and you no longer have to wonder why. Its stately looks what makes this one brilliant in so many ways. This beautiful masterpiece is produced from the North Eastern Side of Italy which is known as the best steel production in the world. It has a maximum of 40 characters of engraving with 1 text line to the blade. Along with the blade is a wooden box and a wooden stand that can also be engraved.

Viper Mathusalem Ulivo

Is the ultimate collection you or someone could ever had. Even though this is a pricey one, you can tell why by the way it looks and the materials. Its handle is made from authentic olive tree and its blade is made from durable steel.

How Champagne Sword is Made?

You probably sabrage online or might be at front of you when the chef shows his beautiful champagne sword while making sure that you are going to remember what he is going to do. Champagne sabering or sabrage might seem to be intimidating especially when you see someone holding a long champagne sword or saber. If you want to learn this kind of art, the first thing that you should remember as always is the secret is not because of the force but rather what is happening from inside.

Champagne Sword / Champagne Sabre

champagne sword

Sabres and swords were developed ever since man discovered how it can be useful in battle. There are many events where swords were mentioned in biblical times as well the history. Back then it was made for thrusting. But champagne sword or champagne saber is quite different. It is specially made for cutting the lip of the champagne’s bottle. When you look closer, you will see that the blade is blunt and therefore, it could not harm anyone. This is because you don’t need a sharp blade when doing the technique.

Note: Never use a regular kitchen knife when practising or executing the technique. You might be injured or someone would be if you are not careful about it. Moreover, it is not as effective the same way with an authentic champagne saber. Would you choose your car key when opening the tuna in a can? Of course, not. It is possible but can be risky. The same principle with sabrage. Only use a champagne saber or champagne sword when executing.

The Bottle


The different champagne bottle has their own different distinctive. Some are tough while some are pretty easy when sabering. In case that you are out of the budget when practising, you can always look for bubbly wine. It is cheaper but has the same chemical reaction inside.

How Does The Champagne Saber is Made?

Just like any knives, champagne sabres or champagne swords are made from the historical craft of artistry. It can be made from trial and error whereas constant experiment to produce stronger yet balanced effective tool or weapon is made. There are other elements added from the blade and the heat must be exactly the right temperature to fuse the metal together. It is made with aligned elements, molecules and crystallises steel to make the finest champagne blade ever. Through time swordsmiths developed and acquired technology by which the result became perfected. Until now, a good sword was not yet understood as the metallurgical science.

Laminated Construction

Laminated Construction of Champagne Sabres

Some blades are made from laminated construction and were produced by folding the steel over and over again. Sooner or later, it will be forged, welded at each fold for refinements. Champagne swords or sabers by whatever means of ways they were constructed, they are made with a very careful combination of soft iron and hard steel.

When executing the art of sabrage, no qualities is more important than its stiffness in order to create or to cut the lip of the bottle.

Champagne Sabering this Christmas

It is the most wonderful time of the year indeed. The turkey is ready, the meats are tender and juicy, your dad is ready putting the Christmas star to the top of the Christmas tree. But, the season would not be completed without a bottle of Champagne. Such good wine is one of the most popular and common beverages not just during the Holiday season but in any occasion to celebrate. You can make the season pretty much exciting with the twist by demonstrating to your loved ones the art of sabrage or champagne sabering.


Champagne Sabering

In case you didn’t know, this is the kind of art which are used a long time ago back in the time of the French Revolution. The art is used by a specially made sabre which is only intended for sabering the bottle and not for thrusting or cutting meat. These sabers are inspired long back in during the siege back in the 19th century. Today, it is no longer used for killing but rather for entertainment.

Sabering A Champagne

Sabering a champagne can be done with precision and of course a little bit of practice to make things perfect. The first thing that you should be aware of is that you should only use a champagne sabre or champagne sword when executing the technique. It is not preferable to use a regular knife which is found in your kitchen.


There are no secrets when sabering the bottle but there are some few techniques to execute the art perfectly. The first one would be the temperature of the bottle. It could be cold particularly to the neck and the lips of the bottle. Keep in mind that it should not suppose to be ice cold. It should be only cold enough for refreshment.

 The Force

When sliding the blade, it not actually the force that works but rather what happens from the inside of the bottle. Your force will only help the chemical reaction that pushes the lip together with the cork. When sliding the blade, make sure to unseal the bottle. look for the seam and remove the wire that supports the cork.


As soon as the bottle is prepared, cold enough, and everything is in place. It is time for you to slide the blade to the lip of the bottle. When doing so, position or hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle. Make sure that not to point the bottle to anyone else or to any place that can be damaged by the cork. Slide the blade smoothly and surely as you watch the cork flies to the air.


Allow the bubbles to overflow from the bottle in order to wash away the shards. It is time for you to get a champagne flute and pour the good wine. Take a bow to your loved ones and address them with some few inspiring words. Enjoy the rest of the evening with your family as you celebrate the holiday season.

Sabering Champagne Bottle with an Iphone! Does it Sounds Cool?

You’ve probably watched it on YouTube or probably noticed it in the Business Insider where a woman is using an iPhone as she uncorks the bottle of champagne using the art of sabrage. Perhaps you think that using your mobile phone is awesome and you are curious and give it a try.

It sound’s cool but not when you see your iPhone broken

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Personalised Champagne Sabre with Engraving

At some point, you might be thinking about what kind of a stuff or an item you are going to give you to the person who you have the deepest regards. With so many items you can find online, what kind of item you can give to him that he will cherish the most? You might be thinking to give him a watch, perfume or maybe apparel. However, even though how much the price tag you are going to give him, nothing beats a gift with a personal touch by having an engraved text on it.

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Top Five Personalised Gifts for Your Dad

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