Ultimate Tips to Sabre a Champagne Like a Boss

Unarguably, champagne is one of the most loved drinks by most bosses. In fact, a celebration will not be the same without this beverage. Aside from that, such wine is also often used by many sporting events. Champions would pour out these drinks as they celebrate of what they’ve achieved. In addition, a face does not launch a thousand ships, but champagne does. You can add the flavor by beheading the bottle using a champagne sabre. There is how to sabre a champagne like a box.

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Master the Art of Sabrage with Champagne Sabre

Almost in any way, beheading a bubble bottle of champagne is indeed exciting. Yet, this seems like a bit dangerous don’t you think? Quite frankly, you don’t need to take any crash courses in order to learn this piece of an art. In fact, you’ll see the bunch of videos from YouTube showing how they do this. All you need to learn is the basic and the right sabering tool for perfection.

Cutting The Lip


One of the biggest misconceptions about executing the art is the use of sword, knife or sabre when beheading the bottle. Most people may think that you need to literally cut the lip with a sharp blade. Moreover, you need to strike the bottle with such force to accomplish it.


Never use any kinds of tools aside from Champagne Sabre or champagne sword. Perhaps you are thinking at the moment to use your regular kitchen knife or anything that is sharp to cut the lip. But, champagne sabering does not require sharp blade. In fact, if you are going to look closer to the actual champagne sword or Champagne Sabre, you’ll notice that the blade is blunt.

The Bottle


Different champagne manufacturers may produce different types of bottles. Therefore, you may encounter differently but all in all, the technique is still the same. We begin with the bottle. Before cutting the lip of the bottle make sure that it is cold. This helps the pressure from the chemical inside that pushes the cork together with the lip to fly. It only takes an additional pressure to do so.



Make sure to wipe the bottle with clean tablecloth or napkin before you begin. Remove the foil and the wire that supports the cork. While your doing this, it is highly suggested to support the cork using your thumb. There are some instances where the cork automatically flies as soon as you remove the wire cage. It spoils the moment so make sure you never forget about this.

Champagne Saber 3

Getting Ready


The lines that separate each side of the bottle is called seam. This is where you are going to slide the blade from the neck to the lip. You can do a bit of aiming repeatedly until your muscles get used to it. Make sure when doing so, the bottle is 40 degree in angle and no one will get hurts.

The Swing


Now it is time for you beheading the bottle. You don’t need to use such force in order perfect it. In fact, as mentioned, the technique here is what happens inside the bottle. All you need is to use a little pressure to make that cork fly.



Usually, you’ll be overwhelmed when achieving this perfectly. But, the moment is far from over. Before you serve the champagne, make sure to let the bubbles flow to eliminate small glass fragments. If you are just practicing, you’ll be tempted to drink suck good wine directly from the lip. Yet, never drink the champagne directly otherwise you’ll get yourself hurt.

Attractive Ways to Sabre a Champagne at Every Occasion

You want guests to be excited on your wedding day. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will leave this to your hosts and hostess during the reception. It is your day after all and you really wanted for everyone to enjoy such amazing time. There are plenty of ways on how to increase the mood of your guests from enjoying to getting excited.Of course, there will be the cutting of the cake, the best man speaks to the crowd and makes a toss, the dancing the singing and cocktail. But sabering a champagne is the perfect trick to grab everyone’s attention. This is where the real party starts.

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Physics of Sabrage for using Champagne Sabre

You probably assumed that the technique of sabrage or sabering is all about the swing and the champagne sabre. Indeed, it is important that you should use the right tool when it comes to this unique way of uncorking the good wine.  Yet, there is much more behind the saber and the bottle itself. In fact, sabering is all about what is happening inside. There is a science particularly physics behind such art.

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Why Champagne Sabre is Better for Opening Champagne?

You can no longer wait till such good wine will be poured to your flute. It is a great feeling when you see the cork gliding to the air while thousands of tiny bubbles are flowing from the bottle. But wait until you see champagne sabering or sabrage. So, what the heck is champagne sabering anyway? – this can be traced back from the time of the great Napoleon Bonaparte and is considered as an art by many. This can be more exquisite and can be very exciting especially when you see the bartender or chef holding his champagne sabre. Continue reading

How Sabrage Relates to Advertising?

In the world of business, many would agree that there is no advertising option which is too small or too large to explore. In fact, there are many ways on how to build your brand online and offline. Of course, as the man who runs the company, you probably did promotional personalized items for your customers. However, not because you gave them something, it does not necessarily mean that they are going to repeat the purchase or stay with your service.

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