Learn About Do’s and Dont’s for Sabering a Champagne

Great news, your friend just announced that you are invited to a party whereas, you are the one who is going to open a bottle of champagne. You have the chance of getting all the visitors to turn their heads on you and announce your plan to behead the bottle with a sword. This can be really exciting indeed. Perhaps you already know how to execute such art, but then again, here are the do’s and don’ts of champagne sabering or also known as sabrage.


  • Always chill the bottle before executing the art. Keep in mind that in order for you perfecting champagne sabering, it is really not the way on how you swing your champagne sabre or champagne sword. It is all about what is happening from the inside. A cold bottle of champagne lets the chemical inside work as it increases the pressure.
  • Sabrage works because of the pressure inside and not about the swing. Striking the bottle to its weak spot known as the seam or two halves of the bottle that meets around the cork. This is your target that creates a small fracture breaking it.
  • Always use a champagne sabre or champagne sword whenever you perform sabering or even during practice. Keep in mind that these tools are made for a reason. There are plenty of champagne swords to choose from such as  Fox Sciabola del Sommelier Bronze Black, via an online store. Another good thing about these tools is the fact that you can personalize them according to your liking.

Do's of Sabering a champagne

Before removing the wire, make sure to support the cork by pressing it with your thumb.


As mentioned, it is important to keep the bottle chilled, but not ice-cold. Never put the champagnes on the fridge in case you want to chill the bottles fast. Always use a bucket full of ice instead. This will properly chill the bottle for about 5 up to 10 minutes.

Donts of sabering a champagne

  • Never point the bottle to the crowd. Regardless whether you are just playing or kidding the crowd, pointing the bottle to someone else is a bad joke. In fact, there is one report whereas the cork pops and eventually damaged someone’s eyeball. When executing the art, make sure to point the bottle somewhere else safe.
  • Never use a knife or any ordinary kitchen knives. Again, champagne sabre are made for a reason and these tools are meant for sabering or sabrage. But not your kitchen knives. These knives are created to cut meat and slice different condiments. They are not meant for cutting or beheading a bottle of champagne.
  • Don’t pour the champagne just yet. – As soon as the cork and the lip flew, let those tiny bubbles washed away unwanted fragments. Allow the bubbles to flow before pouring the champagne to those champagne flutes.

Finally, don’t be frustrated when practicing sabering and feel about yourself. Keep in mind that every expert was once a beginner. For sure, practice does not make you perfect since no is perfect, but practicing can make you better. Happy sabering.


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