How Sabrage Relates to Advertising?

In the world of business, many would agree that there is no advertising option which is too small or too large to explore. In fact, there are many ways on how to build your brand online and offline. Of course, as the man who runs the company, you probably did promotional personalized items for your customers. However, not because you gave them something, it does not necessarily mean that they are going to repeat the purchase or stay with your service.

Personalized Items For Advertising

All in all, promotional merchandise has a huge advantage of building your brand. This will vary depending on the items and occasions. For an instance, you gave your existing clients wines together with your personalized letter during Easter. Well, quite frankly it does not make any sense. In fact, they would highly appreciate your giveaways, but sooner or later they will forget about your brand. In every occasion, there is a perfect item giveaway so your clients and potential customers would never forget about you.

Champagne Sword Engraving

Sabrage In Advertising?

So, how does this fine art of uncorking champagne (Sabrage/Champagne Sabering)  connects with advertising? The answer is simple – by giving away these majestic sabers to your clients with your brand on it, it is certain that they will never forget about your service or products. This holiday season, perhaps you are planning to give champagnes to your clients or even to your stakeholders. They would appreciate such delicious treat, of course, yet if you really want to make an impression, you cannot go wrong with your personalized champagne sabers.

Personalized Champagne Sabers

There are wide varieties of champagne sabers you can find online where you can include your personal touch with it. Most of these champagne sabres can be engraved through the use of laser engraver technology. You can put a simple message on the blade and you can even put your business logo. This would be your holiday statement of greeting them this season. Certainly, you will get much attention from them and rebuild or build stronger relationships with them.

champagne sabre

Claude Dozorme Beechwood

Pricey You Think?

You may think it that way, but how much do you value your clients really? That’s right, cheap giveaways can destroy your reputation. What would you think a certain company would give you a cheap item with their names or brands on it? – They really don’t value you as a customer but, they only value how they make money out of you. The goes when it comes to your personalized items as well. If you really value your clients, you should give items which are valuable with your own personal touches.

Give Them Generously

If you really want to make sure that all of your existing clients to stick with your service or products, you should make it a point to give them which is something valuable just like champagne Sabre. Aside from its uniqueness, they know that such item is valuable just like you treat them in the same manner.



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