Various Types of Champagne

So you are the type of guy who wants to collect champagne swords and sabers and boast them to your friends. There is nothing wrong being proud of yourself showing your collection. What’s wrong is if you could not execute the right way of champagne sabering or sabrage. Obviously, you also collect some of the finest champagne ever invented in this planet and most of the time you enjoy the luxury of drinking such good wine. In case that you are not aware of the different types of champagnes you can find on the market, the list below is for you.

Vintage Champagne

vintage champagne

These are the champagnes that have been processed through the years. These kind of champagnes are pricey compared to other champagnes because of the longevity of the process.


The non-vintage champagne, on the other hand, are a blend from blended 40 different wines. The champagne manufacturers will keep at least 20% of their harvest each year for producing the non-vintage champagnes. These champagnes are probably the cheapest kind of champagne excluding bubbly sparkling wines.


Such wine is a pricey one because of the fact that it is made not just from grapes in a specific year but the finest grapes in the best vineyard you can find from the Champagne region of France. It is made from the finest hand-picked grapes which make it delicious and people would love to crave for more. It is a pricey one so it would be nice not to spoil such a good champagne when sabering the bottle with the use of champagne sabre or sword.

Demi- Sec Champagne


If you want to taste sweet blended grapes that cater all the taste of champagne, you can never go wrong with this one. Keep these champagnes in a nice cold place and never expose them to the light to conserve its taste. It is a medium dry sweet champagne that anyone would definitely enjoy.

Disgorged Champagnes

As the name it implies, the champagne is disgorged or simply poured out just before it is being sold. It maintains its freshness just the way it was processed and manufactured from the champagne production which adds freshness and benefits because of its maturation in the bottle.

Blanc De Blancs

Such champagne is usually made from three different kinds of champagnes. Mostly it is made from the finest Pinot Meunier which is mostly used for red wines, the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir. The champagne, on the other hand, is only made from white Chardonnay grapes.

Blanc De Noirs


It is a white sparkling wine or can be considered as champagne which is made exclusively from white Pinot Noir with light salmon and pink tint.

These are the kinds of champagnes you can find on the market today. Keep in mind when opening a bottle of champagne make sure that you finish the bottle. Keep in mind that is not a wine but rather a champagne that must be consumed immediately after it is uncorked. Enjoy the finest and the most delicious types of champagne.



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