Sabering Champagne Bottle with an Iphone! Does it Sounds Cool?

You’ve probably watched it on YouTube or probably noticed it in the Business Insider where a woman is using an iPhone as she uncorks the bottle of champagne using the art of sabrage. Perhaps you think that using your mobile phone is awesome and you are curious and give it a try.

It sound’s cool but not when you see your iPhone broken

Quite frankly, this idea is absurd and can put your device at risk. Not to mention that iPhone repair is actually pricey. Though it has its warranty, Apple Inc. won’t tolerate such idea and repair your device for free. Your phone screen might be damaged, the case of your phone or plenty other things that might not be working properly after you slide your phone to the edge of the bottle. No matter how the company provides the impact resistance of their product, replacing your champagne sabre to an iPhone is a bad idea.

sabering champagne with Iphone

It can harm your phone

  • There’s a place for everything and everything must be in place. A key is used for unlocking the door, the flute is used for champagne, a kitchen knife is a used for cutting meat, while champagne saber is designed to execute the sabrage correctly.
  • Obviously, your iPhone’s purpose is to access the internet, texting, communication, photos, stay connected on social media, videos and  not ideal sabering a champagne. Repairs of iPhone will vary depending on the damages. You might think that it is easy as it sounds but actually it is a complicated task.
  • First, you have to make an appointment at the Apple store and you have to make sure that the store is authorized by the Apple inc. it can be a complex case and you have to wait for a week in order to get your precious iPhone back. Moreover, you should pick up your phone during business days only. Other screen issues require further testing before the store gives you the pricing.

Sabre Champagne

sabering champagne

  • Going back to the sabering champagne, although it looks like a sword back in the Napoleonic era, the sabre purpose is to cut the lip of the bottle and can be a collector’s item. Because of the authenticity of the design, the materials and the craftsmanship what makes such sabre valuable. There is no best alternative over than a champagne sabre rather than the champagne sabre itself.
  • It is the safest way to perform the art and you are very sure that there will be no accidents or damages will occur. You are probably thinking that how come a sword is the safest tool when sabering a champagne? The answer is because of its purpose and that is to cut the lip of the bottle. As you look closer to the blade, you will see that it was actually blunt and you can’t find a sharp edge. This is because of the technique of the art itself.
  • There is no such thing as the best substitute. Your regular kitchen knife and even your old mobile phone are not the ideal tools when sabering a champagne.

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