Personalised Champagne Sabre with Engraving

At some point, you might be thinking about what kind of a stuff or an item you are going to give you to the person who you have the deepest regards. With so many items you can find online, what kind of item you can give to him that he will cherish the most? You might be thinking to give him a watch, perfume or maybe apparel. However, even though how much the price tag you are going to give him, nothing beats a gift with a personal touch by having an engraved text on it.

But Why Champagne Sabre?

Champagne sword or champagne sabre is known as a unique item. You may say that it can be too risky for your husband to use such a thing since he may cut someone or himself. However, if you look closer, the blade is blunt and it is not as dangerous like it used to be during the time of civil war. In case you didn’t know, as the name as it sounds, this item is intended sabering a bottle of champagne called as sabrage. Sabrage is the art of sabering champagne that has been widely used on many occasions. So, if your husband loves champagne and he knows the history, this can be an eye tearing moment for him. Not to mention that such item can be displayed in office, living room or in the kitchen.

steps to perform sabrage

Where can I Find a Champagne Sabre?

The best place to do so is by taking the advantage of the internet and you can never go wrong with There are many kinds of champagne sabres or swords to choose from and these are all made from the finest manufacturers worldwide. To purchase a champagne sword or saber at the online platform, all you have to do is to go to the product. You can find a drop menu from the product index where you can put the text and proceed. The engraving would not affect the shipment schedule and you can have the saber at your own footsteps 3 to 5 days.

You can choose your personalised sabre below: 

Berkel Corno Di Bufalo

This awesome champagne sabre is a fine looking sabre. This product is handmade in the small town of Maniago. The handle is made from the highest quality of polished buffalo horns and the blade itself crafted with the highest quality.

Berkel Corsaro Wenge

Berkel Corsaro Wenge Champagne Sword

This blade is made from the highest quality with its cool design. It will be delivered to you with its unique box. This sabre can be engraved on both sides of the blade or at its wooden handle. It does make the impression because of its look. It is a very effective device performing the art of sabrage and it ensures you that you are going to cut the lip of the bottle accurately.

Fox Due Cigni Sabre Bullae

In case that you are out of budget, you can never go wrong with this item. It is a beautiful blade produce produced in the North Eastern Italy. The manufacturer has been in the business for quite some time now that is known for its high-quality production.


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