Top Five Personalised Gifts for Your Dad

So, it’s your dad’s birthday and you are looking for a gift that is something special which he will be reminded that he is being loved by his lovely daughter. The question is, with so many dad’s stuff to choose from, you might be anxious about giving him another watch or probably another beverage tub set. If you want to make it special, how about giving him something with your personal touch. From accessories and hobbies, nothing beats a personalised item.

Here are the top 5 personalised gift for men that your dad will surely love.

Champagne Sabre

champagne sabre

If you Dad loves champagne which keeps him motivated at work and inspired providing his family needs, you don’t have to give him another bottle of champagne. For a change give him something special and you can’t go wrong with a personalised champagne sword or champagne sabre. Inspired by the Hussars in the Napoleonic time, this saber is intended for uncorking champagne performing sabrage. The blade is blunt that has the necessary density cutting the upper lip of the bottle. This will make your Dad “whoa” and at the same time, expect an eye tearing moment as he reads your message at the blade.

Watch Box

watch box

Now, if you Dad likes to collect watches, then how about giving him a personalised watch box. This allows your dad to keep his watches at the same place and organized. He can also put his bracelets, cards, receipts and other important things inside the box. He can show off to his colleagues his watch collection and he will be reminded of how thoughtful her daughter is.

Zippo Lighter


Nothing beats the American legend Zippo lighter and even if you Dad is not a smoker, it is certain that he is going to like such a fancy lighter. There are many kinds of zippo lighters you can choose from the market but keep in mind to find authentic lighters over the imitation. You can simply determine that by checking the bottom layer of the zippo and see the serial code. You can put your simple engraved text message and express how grateful you are for his daughter.

Beer Mug

                                                                   beer mug

This could be one of the most common gift Dads ever received during birthdays and holidays. But what really matters is your thought and indeed it counts to them. A simple message from the mug can make the difference.

Whiskey Flask

whiskey flask

You are not actually spoiling your dad’s habit when you give him a whiskey flask. Again, even if your dad doesn’t like whiskey or he is not a habitual drinker, you can give him this as his collection. Flask is available in different materials but the most common are the stainless steel ones. This classy and classic one of a kind gift to your dad will make him remembered your love for him as he goes somewhere else where with his flask.

Different dads have different perspectives when they receive a gift. But one thing for sure, a simple object can become special when your words are included.


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