11 Tips To Become A Champagne Sabre Pro- Master in Sabering Champagne

Last Christmas, a friend gifted me a champagne sabre, it is slick, awesome and I can say that this is the best gift I received during the holiday. Back then I was overwhelmed and see such a wonderful tool works. As soon as I go to the kitchen, I looked for a bottle of champagne quickly and let me see if I got the skill. But, my wife told me to be careful when executing sabrage and she suggested learning this trick and having a quick peek at the internet. So, I did and I realize how lucky I am that I listen to my wife otherwise I might spoil the occasion and ruin the good wine.

These are the things I discovered

#1 The Right Tool

champagne sword

A person who will perform sabrage must only use a champagne sword or champagne sabre. It is not recommended using the usual knives you found in the kitchen. Also, you have to expect that you can really have a mess when trying to execute the art for the very first time.

#2 Do not Shake it

champagne bottle

Speaking of mess, it is not good to shake the bottle or else you are going to lose half of the content of your champagne. You don’t want that do you? Shaking can make a chemical reaction that can pop up even if you are not performing sabrage just yet.

#3 Chill

chilled champagne bottle

The bottle needs to chill properly particularly the neck and the lip part of the bottle.

#4 Thumbs down

remove wire from champagne bottle

In some cases, after the wire has been removed, corks flew up because of the pressure coming from inside. When removing the wire, you should keep you thumb over the cork just in case.

#5 Look for the Seams

locate seam of champagne bottle

Another important fact that I discovered is that the bottle is made from two pieces of glass. As you look closer, you will see a line or a mark. It is called by many as the seams. This is where you are going to slide the blade.

#6 Remove the Seals

remove foil from champagne bottle

Of course, you need to remove the seal that might affect the force when executing.

#7 Pointing

It is important to point the bottle away from fragile parts of the house, people and even animals. The speed of a flying cork can reach to the maximum speed of 60 mph. Yes, it can hurt people and can even break a glass.

#8 The Right Place

holding the champagne bottle

Always do this to your backyard where there is enough space. Hold the bottle at the 45-degree angle and slides the blade through it.

#9 Perfect Stance

To make you look good, you need a perfect stance to do so. Like a sabering champagne master, they consider this as an art so you better make it to the point that you are performing an art as well.

#10 Practice Makes Perfect

I tried performing the art for the first time and I was surprised that I did it. The second try is a show off with my family, but this time, it was a total mess I broke the lips.

#11 Let the Bubbles Clean Small Fragments

sabering champagne

After the cork flew, let the bubbles flow in order to make sure that there are no small fragments that can wound your lips or tongue.


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