Quick & Easy Steps of Champagne Sabering

So, you want a unique wedding reception and you are anxious about it because of the fact that you really don’t know how to execute sabrage or champagne sabering. If you want to impress your soon to be wife together with your guests, well, executing this kind of art is not that kind hard and it is not as easy as it sounds as well. Below is a step by step guide to succeed in champagne sabering.

Champagne Sword


Champagne Sabre

The first thing that you must understand is to use the right tool when executing sabrage. It is not recommended to use a typical knife you found at your kitchen. What you need is a perfect champagne sword or champagne sabre which is crafted and intended for champagne sabering. Ordinary knives might injure you or injure someone. As you look closer, these champagne swords are blunt. Sharp edged blade is pretty much unnecessary. The key here is what’s happening inside the bottle.

Chill the Bottle


It is important that the champagne bottle is cool particularly the neck. Yet, keep in mind that there is a big difference between cold and iced-old. As you hold the bottle, the next thing you must do is to remove its foil. Foils located at the neck of the bottle can affect the impact. It is also important in order to find the seam.


Seam of the bottle

The seam is the weakest part of the bottle. This is where you are going to make your swing. But, keep in mind that you have to react quickly once the cage is off. Keep your thumb on the cork just in case.


Before striking the lip of the bottle, make sure to point it where no one gets hurt. Most of the time, the cork fly from 7 up to 10 feet. Hit the blunt edge of the knife against the rim. The next part is cheering, clapping and amusement.


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