Champagne Sabres Revealing The Science and Art of Champagne Sabering

sabering_champagneSabrage or champagne sabering is an artistic side of opening a bottle of champagne. It amplifies the occasion and adds a little more excitement to drink such fine beverage. Champagne sabering has been used for many occasions. It was first popularized by the great Napoleon Bonaparte’ reinforcements, since during those days, the sabers, blades, and swords are one of the primary weapon by many, it is also an ideal tool to uncork champagnes. Truly, champagne has been into many victories and sabrage was also there to keep the excitement up.

Champagne Sword

These days, executing the technique of sabrage requires using a special instrument that is intended for sabrage. Champagne sabre or champagne sword is a 30 centimeters or 12 inches long blade which is a unique sword that is not intended for cutting meat. As you observe the blade, it has no sharp edge and blunt. When executing sabrage, you are not required to use sharp blades. It is unnecessary because the pressure of the champagne and the impact of the blade what matters when you want to do this kind of art perfectly.

Secrets of Sabrage

There are necessary guidelines you must follow in order to execute the art nice and smooth. The secret of champagne sabering relies on the amount of pressure. It involves a little bit of physics. The wine or champagne sabering expert will look for the weakest part of the bottle called seams, as they swiftly slide the champagne sword or the champagne sabre, the inside pressure will be around 620 kilo-pascals or 90 psi, by hitting its weak points the cork will be pushed by both blade and pressure inside. These days, the greatest champagne sabering executioner meets 34 bottles in a minute. The world record was achieved by champagne sabering expert Mitchel Ancona last September 2013.

Champagne Sabres

You’ll find the finest and most popular champagne sabre and champagne sword at Champagne Sabres; you can acquire numerous sophisticated styles with reasonable price. These stuffs can be an awesome gift for someone you know who loves champagne, champagne collector and champagne enthusiast. To add personal touch, you can opt personal laser engraving. You can either add texts, dates, and even your business logo.

Laguile La Roquechampagne sword

Laguile Sabre La Roque is one of the most popular wine accessories. It is an original trendy gift idea for fine dining, barbeques and lovers of wine. You can have this awesome blade for only £59.00 with brilliant casing made from the finest rosewoods. The blade is made from the premium metal with high carbon in order to avoid brittleness.

Fox Due CigniChampagne Sword

If money is no object, then you can get the Fox Due Cigni sabre bullae. This champagne sabre is produced and forged from the city of Maniago Northeast Italy. Since Maniago is one of the popular places when it comes with making steel blades to the entire world, then you can’t go wrong with the quality and elegance. For only £195.00 you can relive the adventure living in the 17th century.


Indeed, one of the most awaited parts in many occasions is the popping up of champagne cork. You can enhance the excitement by uncorking the champagne by using champagne sword or champagne sabre. Sabrage or champagne sabering has been popularized by Napoleon’s cavalries. Back then they used sabers in order to uncork the bottle as they celebrated their triumphs after battle. Since then it has became an art that amazes everyone. It may require numerous practice in order to achieve the perfection in execution. You may also want to use champagne sabre or champagne sword to execute the technique properly. With wide varieties of champagne swords and sabers to choose from you’ll be delighted and relive the adventure.

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When looking for the best quality and superiority of champagne swords and champagne sabers, we have everything you need from classic simple sword up to the most sophisticated and elegant work of an art. You can add texts, names, dates, and logos with laser engraving system. You can have these amazing blades by ordering today with free shipping.


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